UCSF AANHPI Groups & Departments


Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance (APASA)

To promote professional and social relations within UCSF, as well as the rich and diverse cultural heritage of all Asian communities. APASA works with other minority organizations to address issues of equality, fair labor practices and diversity at UCSF.

The UCSF Asian Heart and Vascular Center is a cardiovascular care hub for the Asian community, the fastest-growing population in San Francisco. 

We respect the cultural differences that exist in the Asian community. Patients receive language-appropriate information and educational materials about heart disease and how to prevent it. The center also participates in research to better understand the metabolic and genetic differences of the Asian community.


Asian Health Institute

As the large population of Asians continues to take a prominent presence within the San Francisco and Bay Areas, the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) has established the Asian Health Institute as one of the newest departments to build the important bridge with the Asian community to achieve health parities and improve medical access.

  • Asian Faculty Group (faculty) 
  • Asian Health Caucus (learners)